social media

Twitter, Facebook, FlickR, Blogger.

Can any of these social media networks really help you gain business?

Rather than being turned off by the technology, think about what is available from each of these top social media marketing tools.

Twitter allows you to push a message out to an audience that is captivated by what you offer - they must be as they requested to follow you!

Similar to Twitter, Facebook allows you to softly market to a captive audience, but it also allows for immediate feedback from your customer base. Corporate companies such as Argos, Sony and Debenhams are using Facebook. Is it suitable for your business?

If you need to show off photography or video, FlickR is an excellent tool to use. Updates to your gallery can be made via your mobile phone and the results streamed directly to a web page.

PR heaven! Blogger provides the ideal opportunity to publish news as and when it’s available. Full customisation means that your blog can be made to represent your brand image. Take a look at the WSA Blogger page.

Is social media for you? Can you afford to miss out on the opportunities it offers? Talk to WSA about this training course on 01386 764 747.