search engine optimisation

Gaining good listings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing is a key objective in most companies’ Internet marketing plans. The process of search engine optimisation training can take place as follows:

01 The identification of search terms

To make sure that quality, targeted traffic, is gained, key phrases must be identified. The generation of a report to identify these phrases is the first step of SEO.

02 SEO (on page)

Once key phrase research has been completed, application of these key phrases can take place within the site coding. This includes all meta information and generation of required resource pages that are written specifically with SEO in mind.

03 SEO (off page)

For good merit page ranking, it is important that you not only optimise your site, but also promote your site using other appropriate online channels. These include;

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Online PR
  • Link Building
  • Forum whispering

04 Reporting

To monitor how successful your SEO program is, reports can be produced on both an executive overview and technically detailed level. From these reports you will be able to identify which key phrases are most successful and the increase in your visitor rate. (you can only measure the increase if stats already exist and some change has been made).

The Website Academy can create a search engine optimisation training course course to cover these topics, or you may find one of our set search engine optimisation training ideal for your requirements.

Why not check if there is a course centre close to you, or call 01386 764 747 to discuss your requirements.